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JK Soul Salts literally started in the kitchen of Frieda Toroman, one of the two sisters that make up JK Soul Salts.

Frieda having many allergies to artificial perfumes, chemical additives and preservatives, and being very frustrated with not being able to find TRULY Natural,Organic bath and body products took an interest in organic ingredients and their incredible benefits. After many years of classes, research and experiments Frieda and her sister, Kathy Kinton, decided to create a line of products using only the finest Organic oils and most skin nurturing ingredients.


All JK products are lovingly handmade from scratch, and in small batches to insure the freshest, most enriching Organic products possible. In addition all products are packaged with our ecologically friendly minimalist style using recycled papers and materials!

Our goal is to bring you blissfully effective 100% natural, organic bath and body treatments. With an unwavering commitment to purity, quality and ecological responsibility.

Thank you for joining us on our journey of well-being and contributing to a holistic way of life.

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