Wisdom- About Mantras


 Now a few words about mantras!

All our amazing products come with your own personal Positive affirmation or mantra! We make it our goal to heal not just your outside but maybe a little of the inside too!

The principle of positive affirmation is that the mind is just so powerful and what it says is usually followed and miraculously attained by the body!

When repetition of a word or phrase is combined with the breath, it becomes a powerful tool for transformation all the way down to the cellular level! At that level, words become sound vibrations. That sound vibration is called a mantra. 

 Positive Affirmation is the shifting of thoughts  from negative thoughts or ideas to more positive ones! If you think that positive affirmation affects only the subconscious mind then wait till you hear this! Studies have proved that people who consistently fill their thoughts with positive words and ideas rather than negative thoughts and words actually have stronger muscles! Research shows that a person’s muscles become stronger and more active when the subconscious is filled with positive words. The report also showed muscles become weak when a person thinks and verbalizes negative thoughts and ideas