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June 18th 2009


Organic Hair Butter?

We have made an amazing discovery here at jk... I have always struggled with that sorta half wavy half straight slightly frizzy hair... In the summer my hair gets extra dry from all the sun exposure added to my coloring treatments. No product has ever really cured my dry hair blues until a few days ago when I was out of conditioner and  added a tiny bit of out Tahitian Vanilla Body Butter to it after I got out of the shower! I started at the ends than sorts "scrunched" it a few times. I was so amazed at how great and not heavy it felt! As my hair dried it felt so soft, shiny and evenly wavy. It was sorta amazing... Now, our butter is very thick so remember to use a tinny tiny amount when using this at home remedy but WOW what a pleasant surprise. Now if our Butter could only make cheeseburgers fat free.. all my problems would be solved!

Check it out-

Frieda Toroman