Green Community

What does it mean to live green? 

Well it simply means to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, a lifestyle thats has the lowest possible impact on the earth and better yet improves or feeds the amazing earth that gives us life, and something to stand on!

 Lets start with the term Organic, Organic refers to the way products are grown and/or processed. Organic products are products made from only 100% Natural non-synthetic ingredients, these ingredients are not grown using harmful pesticides or damaging chemical fertilizers. 

The term natural can be a bit more tricky..This is mostly a marketing term that can be used to mislead the consumers into buying a product that can appear to be natural but unfortunate in a lot of cases is not. Natural to us at jk is a something grown in nature, with the only added ingredients being sunshine and love. None of our products ever contain any of the following dangerous and harmful ingredients

Petroleum products

synthetic ingredients

synthetic fragrances

synthetic colors


Chemical preservatives 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate 

these are all things we recommend you always stay clear of, remember what you put on your skin is fully absorbed! A good rule of thumb is, if you would not eat it don't put it on your skin. Always read labels very carefully!

In addition we use recycled materials for all our packing!