Frieda's Treatment Guide

This months featured treatment

The Neroli Flower Full Body Renew

After a Summer full of abuse such as over sun exposure, it is time to pamper and renew that summer chapped skin!

Follow these simple instructions for fresh renewed skin ready for fall:

Step 1. It starts with our Neroli Flower Bath Crystal — add a small amount ( about 1 teaspoon ) to warm bath water, soaking for at least 15 minutes to open pores and start to lift dead skin cells to the surface.

Step 2. Starts with our Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub — start with a small handful and gently exfoliate head to toe, paying special attention to extra dry spots such as feet, elbows, etc. Rinse off remaining from your body and towel off.

Step 3. Starts with our Whipped Body Butter — again, only a small amount is necessary. Start with the size of a nickel and begin to massage over skin paying special attention to those dry spots: feet, elbows, etc. Be sure to butter within three minutes of toweling off when pores are still warm and open. This will ensure optimum moisturizing.